4 Steps towards Legal Technology

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Technology constantly evolves. Because of this, law firms are pressed to stay updated with all that technology can offer to keep their firm more productive and more efficient. Still, despite this relentless urge to keep up to date, there are precautions that need to be practiced. Here are 4 steps to consider before investing in legal technology:

1. Thorough Assessment

Thoroughly assess the need for new technology. Identify the areas within your firm where productivity and efficiency are stilted or slow. This will give you a clearer idea of what you should be focusing on.

Questions to ask:

– How will this technology help the firm?
– Will the technology help raise efficiency
– Will the technology raise revenue?
– Will the technology be beneficial to its users?

2. Review Costs

Review how much the chosen technology costs and how much it takes to maintain it. Sometimes, technology is expensive but worth the investment as it provides long-term benefits. Consider this over before making the actual purchase.

Questions to ask:

– Is this a feasible purchase?
– Will the technology prove to be viable 10 years from now?
– Is there training available, and what is the cost?

3. Free Trial

Once you’ve got a specific legal technology in mind, contact the seller and ask for a free trial. Many technology companies offer free trials to prove their claims and benefits of their products. In turn, you’ll be able to gain an on-hands experience of how the technology works. Remember though, some things need a little time to get familiar with. Try to squeeze out as much as you can when test-driving the software.

Questions to ask:

– Is the technology user-friendly?
– Did it meet your expectations?
– How advantageous would it be when installed into your office?
– Are there any modifications needed to meet your law firm’s needs?

4. Keep Yourself Up-to-Date

As previously mentioned, technology is constantly evolving. Because of this, you need to keep an eye on new legal technology that can help your law firm improve its performance and effectiveness.

Questions to ask:

– Will this further our progress in the office?
– Is it necessary to purchase new technology for your firm right now?

Legal technology can help your law firm increase productivity and effectiveness. It can assist you to minimise clutter, paperwork and disorganisation. It can also support collaboration efforts and customer relations. So, if you have been looking for ways to improve your law firm why not look at what legal technology can offer you today.


About the Author: James Vickery is the founder and CEO of I Know IT, a transformative IT services provider. James connects law leaders to their strategy through technology with a firm belief that lawyers must re-enter their profession as innovators, thinking and acting as technology companies do in order to survive, compete and prosper in a digital economy.

James enables this new way of thinking and executing through consulting, coaching and delivery of technology solutions to Australian and international organisations. .

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