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Should you audit your IT?

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Watch the clip or read our Interactive Transcript:

Hi, James Vickery from I Know IT and thanks for tuning in to our Legal Tech Tips.

We provide IT services to law firms and the aim of this series is to share some of the business challenges faced by Australian legal practices and provide you with ideas and insights in to how you can get the most out of your IT.
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Why Your Law Firm Can’t Ignore Cloud

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I know. There are several reasons why the cloud is an alarming topic for law firms. It’s true that there are a number of aspects about the cloud that should raise a few eyebrows amongst partners. For example, who owns our data? Where is it stored? What if there is a security breach?
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Will NBN benefit your law firm?

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Watch the clip or read our Interactive Transcript:

Hi, James Vickery here from I Know IT and thanks for watching our first episode of legal tech tips.

You know, we’ve been hearing about the NBN for years and though the political debate will probably continue for some time – the question is will the NBN be of any use to your law firm?
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5 Signs Your Firm Needs Legal Technology

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In any business, no less a law firm, inefficiency is a no-no. Inefficient methods or staff can diminish the value and service that a firm offers to its clients. To improve the efficiency in a law firm, legal technology can offer viable and long-term solutions.

In terms of legal technology, lawyers have many options to choose from. Small, medium and large law firms can all do with a little help in terms of documentation and organisation. Continue reading

Debunking Cloud Computing Misconceptions

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Cloud computing has become a widely used term, as more and more people get into the habit of having an online backup for their important files.

However, the subject still remains a vague topic and many are still trying to figure out what the cloud is all about. On top of that, there are several misconceptions that contribute to the confusion.
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Australian Law Firms Undergoing Digital Transformation

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The top law firms in Australia are undergoing a quiet digital transformation as they face mounting global competition and digital disruption. Technology leaders from these law firms stated that online collaboration is their top priority in 2014.

Law firms overseas who are attempting to use big data tools in order to disrupt the top firms in Australia Continue reading

Benefits of Legal Cloud Technology

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The ‘Cloud’ has been a topic of debate in the legal sector in recent times. Many law firms have heard of the technology but are unaware of its advantages. Some firms also question the security and data ownership.

For this reason Legal Cloud Technology (LCT) was established. LCT is a cloud-based service that is specifically geared towards the legal industry. Continue reading

A Lawyer’s Perspective on Legal Cloud Technology

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Legal Cloud Technology (LCT) is one of the most talked about innovations in the legal industry. In a recent interview between James Vickery of I Know IT and Wajiha Ahmed of Buttar, Caldwell and Co, Wajiha shares her thoughts on cloud technology.

“How amazing is it that people can carry their whole office around with them as a single device and just tap in whatever at any point in time, anywhere in the world Continue reading

Integrating Social Media into Law Firms

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There has been a lot of conjecture about people using Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter in a legal environment. But, times are changing and the legal industry is gradually making use of these platforms. Still, while social media provides multiple opportunities for lawyers to connect with clients and market their services, there remain concerns relating to ethics and liability.
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