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Free Mobile Apps for Lawyers

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There is a wide variety of mobile applications that lawyers and legal firms can use to save time and improve productivity. All you need to do is install the application on your smart phone or tablet and then test drive it. Of course, the great thing about trying out free applications is the fact that they’re free! If they don’t help you, you can easily remove them from your mobile minus any fuss or cost. Continue reading

IOS or Android for Lawyers?

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When it comes to smart phones, there is a lot of hype regarding the ‘better’ OS or operating system. Some lawyers prefer Apple’s iOS while others insist on Google’s Android. If you haven’t made up your mind yet about the two, here is some useful information on both iOS and Android.
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4 Steps towards Legal Technology

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Technology constantly evolves. Because of this, law firms are pressed to stay updated with all that technology can offer to keep their firm more productive and more efficient. Still, despite this relentless urge to keep up to date, there are precautions that need to be practiced. Here are 4 steps to consider before investing in legal technology:
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With the number of law firms existing today, competition is high, and only one of the many issues legal practices face. Real estate debt, overpaying laterals, and over-investing in certain aspects of the business as a result of being ill-informed, poor leadership, and technology ignorance. To be able to grow despite existing problems, here are some tips on how to achieve law firm growth:
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Legal Cloud Technology

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Legal Cloud Technology (LCT) is fast becoming a staple in the legal industry. Whether you’ve already taken advantage of the cloud or are still considering the benefits, LCT can provide you with cost-effective and real-time IT solutions.

Whilst some law firms still shy away from the cloud because they feel secure with an inhouse IT team, others are making the most of the cost savings and convenience it provides. Continue reading

5 Tips on Mobile Website for Law Firms

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Mobile internet is on the rise. With almost all mobile phones capable of internet browsing, it is important that your website takes advantage of this advancement. Websites designed for computer screens are not always compatible with mobile screens. So, to make sure that your law firm doesn’t lose any prospective clients, a mobile website is necessary.
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Impact of Advertising for Law Firms

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The internet has changed the way people communicate and relate. In the past it was necessary to travel to meetings, communicate via snail mail, or take the revolutionary route and have a phone conference! Today, people meet and greet others “online”. Businesses no longer rely only on the traditional mediums such as newspapers, magazine or TV for getting their message out there. They now advertise on websites and social platforms.
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Developing a Blog for your Law Firm

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Blogs can be very effective in reaching out to an audience. However, the problem with most blogs today is that they are not properly planned and developed. As a legal entity, your blog (or blawg) needs to be planned with precision. To make sure that you don’t waste time, money or effort in the process, here are some questions to answer first.
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Social Media has become synonymous with effective, efficient and fast communication. Through social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and WordPress, conveying a message is as easy as 1-2-3.

Social networking sites are not just for “social” purposes. Professionals, businesses and law firms also use Social Media Platforms as a tool to market and build their network online. Continue reading


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There are many reasons as to why the ‘paperless’ office has become popular. Organisation and time-efficiency are two of the main reasons. A paperless law office means less clutter and more storing of files from who-knows-what-decade. It also makes arranging files that much easier.
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