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Top LinkedIn Tips for Lawyers

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LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media platforms with more than 200 million users. Lawyers based in Australia have not been left behind in utilising this great platform to earn value and benefit in their area of practice. It’s actually rare to hear of an Australian lawyer who is not on LinkedIn.

For any lawyer to succeed, they must convey to prospects and clients that they are the best in their area of practice and LinkedIn is one of the platforms that can help to achieve better results.

However, some lawyers have not sufficiently explored the features or the potential of LinkedIn. Interestingly, LinkedIn has steadily added more features that have improved the functionality of this platform.

Here are top LinkedIn tips for lawyers

#Focus on a strong profile

Australian lawyers who want to increase their client base in their area of practice ought to ensure their LinkedIn profile are optimised and completely filled out. Just like in other social media channels, lawyers with complete profiles get more attention unlike those with incomplete profiles. Furthermore, attorneys with complete profiles rank higher in search results. Therefore, it’s a good idea for lawyers to take time and complete their profiles and get to rank higher.

A complete profile entails various things:

1. Since people respond well to photos, it’s a good idea to upload an up-to-date professional photo onto the profile.

2. Add an eye catching background image.

3. Write the profile summary in a tone that would draw the attention of prospects.

4. Ensure the background and work experience is relevant to the current practice.

5. Share specific links or documents that will help clients make direct contact.

The most crucial 120 characters on the LinkedIn profile should come out unique by including the important keywords that specifically points out the area of practice making people eager to learn about the services being offered. Besides, the name and the title should be consistent with the website.

#Join LinkedIn groups

There are many Australian law-related groups on LinkedIn lawyers can join. These groups have potential clients or referral sources such as bar associations and alumni groups which help lawyers to increase their relevancy, connect with new people and send direct messages to many other people who are not in the network. In these groups, one can start discussions, make contributions that are relevant to their field of practice. Lawyers should strive to portray themselves as experts as opposed to marketing themselves. Apart from giving a good name in the niche, this will also drive people to a lawyer’s website.

#Share relevant updates every day

Posting updates on a daily basis gives an opportunity to share relevant information, demonstrate experience and stay prominent on LinkedIn. The updates could be on upcoming events, professional achievements, relevant articles, speaking engagements. Desist from controversial or negative posts and over posting.

#Personalise your invitations

LinkedIn allows users to personalise invitations in order to connect with prospects as opposed to relying on the default invitation language. Sending personalised invitations make it easy for people to remember a particular lawyer and be encouraged to accept his/her invitations. They actually enhance the chances the people will connect with a specific lawyer.

Make a connections plan.

LinkedIn has great tools that can assist lawyers find fellow alumni, former colleagues and many other relevant contacts. Besides, LinkedIn does a great job of suggesting connections. Prospects will from time to time receive invitations to connect and that is why it very important to have a general plan for adding connections. It’s not important accepting requests from everyone, but accept potential clients only.

Make LinkedIn mobile

The LinkedIn mobile app is excellent for lawyers. The app is free and can be downloaded, installed and used on smartphones or tablet devices. Having the app helps to have access to information anywhere, anytime.

Customise the website links on the profile to convince prospects to visit a particular legal website.

To avoid negative experiences, lawyers should work with their firms’ ethics departments to develop guidelines.

By incorporating these tips and strategies into the marketing mix, lawyers and other legal experts are able to rank in LinkedIn search results. These tips will help every lawyer move to the next level or even beyond and most importantly, attract clients from all over Australia and the world.

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