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For conventional lawyers who are still grappling with the concepts of the Internet, social media, and other new ideas brought by the digital era, it proves to be a big challenge to understand the connection between getting one’s business online and increasing one’s market reach. While search engine optimisation remains one of the most popular ways to earn money on the net, blogging can considerably help your business win a larger online audience that will appreciate your business and get to know your expertise. Let’s figure out how you can establish your legal expertise on the web with blogging.

Work within Your Wheelhouse

While we understand your need to establish that you’re a law expert or a legal pro, it does not necessarily mean that all your blogs will be about your credentials and qualifications in the legal practice. It’s important that your readers will understand what you do and that you do it in a particularly unique and efficient way. If you’re just getting started on your blog, it’s enough that your readers identify your area of specialisation and that you are the expert that you say you are.

Give It Some Personal Touch

Now that you have established your name online as a law expert, it’s time to let your readers know who you are as a person. While some may find it inconvenient to do so, letting your readers know you more deeply as an individual is a necessity when you want to establish rapport with your clients. Work around blog articles that show your more intimate preferences such as your philosophical view on some aspects of the profession. Readers are easily drawn to read interesting pieces that reflect the writer’s passion for the subject on hand.

Establish Strategic Partnerships

Today more than ever, clients are more inclined to hire lawyers based largely on online research and recommendations. This does not necessarily mean however that the old-fashioned referral system no longer works. So make sure to continue building and nurturing relationships with other lawyers, only this time all interactions are based on your blog online. Connect with other lawyers and organisations who share the same opinions that you do and explore on the wonders of doing a guest post for them and letting them guest-post for you.

Reach Out to Your Readers

Regardless of the online platform you’re using, it’s critical to sincerely interact with your readers. Remember that your readers are your audience and there’s a whole lot of opportunities waiting to be tapped in that interaction. You should never disregard the idea that your readers could be very well interested in you and your legal practice or the thought that they could be potential clients or referrers that could eventually equate to helping you get closer to your goals of establishing your expertise online.


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