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The widespread use of social media among all industries across the globe has gotten many conventional organisations and institutions struggling with the dilemma of whether to continue pursuing their goals and catch up with the trend or completely disengage and simply slip into oblivion. Law firms however know that the former option is the smarter decision to take.

So how exactly should lawyers keep up with the widespread use of social media?

Developing a social media policy that encourages the innovative use of these state-of-the-art tools is critical in this process. An exclusive strategy for the law firm should be established and must be intelligently created from all the ideas contributed by stakeholders, senior managers, marketers, and IT personnel, and other members of the organisation.

Lawyers should enlist new associates into the policy-making body as they too have been toughened in the job market amidst the social media craze. They are most likely equipped with practical tutorials, useful suggestions, and better solutions on how to face the challenges of the social media age.

Professionalism and ethics should be stringently implemented across these guidelines. Everything you share online will be a reflection of your character, your colleagues’ values, and your firm’s integrity. Everything you put online will have implications such that any stance you take will either be taken as permissive or restrictive, and either way, your client’s interests will be affected.

Ensure that the integrity of your law firm brand is promoted, protected, and improved in the process. As it is their responsibility, the marketing staff should be largely involved. They have significant knowledge on the proper jargon and techniques to use that will prevent orchestrating unnecessary issues emanating from the perspective of the clients. Acknowledge the need to balance the efficiency of these social media tools with security. Your policy should clearly define permissible scope of content that can be published and those that cannot.

Generating a readership on your blog should serve as an avenue where members of your law firm can brainstorm on creative and interesting ideas on how to do so. Encourage the prompt publishing of unique features as well as write-ups that highlight your firm’s milestones and special events.

Regardless of the medium, law firms should always welcome the idea of presenting incentives to those lawyer-members who take the initiative of coming up with brilliant suggestions. The social media committee should be regarded in the same way as the other management groups with time rendered for work appropriately compensated.

Your law firm should be flexible enough to be able to adjust to having the social media policy being tweaked every now and then as the organisation evolves and develops with time. Your law firm should be proactive enough to keep up with the trends and have the policy adjust accordingly.

Lastly, remember to enjoy the process. There is nothing to look forward to in the process of keeping up with the social media craze when the fun part is left out.


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