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With the number of law firms existing today, competition is high, and only one of the many issues legal practices face. Real estate debt, overpaying laterals, and over-investing in certain aspects of the business as a result of being ill-informed, poor leadership, and technology ignorance. To be able to grow despite existing problems, here are some tips on how to achieve law firm growth:

1. Ask for Feedback

– Conduct client feedback. Allow your client to share their story. Welcome their input on the lawyer/legal team assigned to them during their case. Ask them what they thought the strengths and weaknesses of the team were. Note these and either build on it or promote change. Strengthen your strengths and work on your weaknesses. This will help you offer the best to your clients. And happy clients are repeat clients.

2. Invest in Your Client

– Invest in your relationship with your clients, particularly your best clients. Nurturing your relationship with your clients will strengthen your ties with them. And, when your clients feel a bond with you, they will have no hesitation in recommending you to their friends and relatives who could be in need of legal services. Also, think hard on how you can add value to your relationship. Think of the factors that affect your client, their business or industry and what they want to achieve. This will go a long way with your clients, knowing that you are not focused on your own pay check, but rather on their success.

3. Invest in Legal Technology

– Legal technology will help your law firm keep up with minor and major tasks. Legal technology is all about keeping data organised, safe, up-to-date and where you can access it quickly and easily. With a smoother workflow in the office, you’ll have more time to dedicate to your clients and building a relationship with them.

Growing a law firm is not just about numbers. It’s also about relationships. At the end of the day, word of mouth will always be the most effective marketing campaign you could embark on. So, the next time your client is facing an issue, don’t just cover the legal aspect, address them as a person as well. It could be as simple as a message via email or SMS… “How is everything going?”


About the Author: James Vickery is the founder and CEO of I Know IT, a transformative IT services provider. James connects law leaders to their strategy through technology with a firm belief that lawyers must re-enter their profession as innovators, thinking and acting as technology companies do in order to survive, compete and prosper in a digital economy.

James enables this new way of thinking and executing through consulting, coaching and delivery of technology solutions to Australian and international organisations. .

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