Impact of Advertising for Law Firms

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The internet has changed the way people communicate and relate. In the past it was necessary to travel to meetings, communicate via snail mail, or take the revolutionary route and have a phone conference! Today, people meet and greet others “online”. Businesses no longer rely only on the traditional mediums such as newspapers, magazine or TV for getting their message out there. They now advertise on websites and social platforms.

Naturally, it is necessary for law firms to have a professional web presence. Not just as a means of communication and advertising, but also because potential clients often gauge the standards of a business by their web presence.

On the topic of advertising; if your firm already has a presence online, advertising through the internet might be your next step. It can greatly impact your firm’s new business.

Some useful tips about advertising online:

1. Target Market

Advertising online can help you reach your target market effectively. Certain advertising platforms allow you to customise your ads. This means that you can choose who views it, when they view it and how they view it. Google Ads is an example of such a platform. If, for instance, you are a medical litigation firm, you could use Google Ads to post your advertisement on legal advice or malpractice forums. This will give you a higher probability of finding the right clients for your firm.

2. Sales

Effective advertising can drive more business to your firm. When a prospect sees your ad online, usually they have three possible options. First, they could contact you using the contact details on your website or advertisement, either by emailing, phoning or visiting your firm in person. Second, they could exit your website, taking no action at all. And, lastly, they could give you permission to follow up on them through signing up to whatever offer is in your advertisement, eg. signing up to a newsletter, etc. Various studies made by Google have shown significant increases in sales to companies who advertise online.

3. Efficiency

Advertising online is efficient. Not only can you target specific markets, when done correctly, it is quite economical. With certain advertising strategies like Pay-Per-Click (PPC), you have the option to pay only for the “clicks” on your ad. This will help create a better ROI on ad costs.

If you have concerns over your current offline advertising, then perhaps it’s time to consider online advertising.

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