iOS Tips for Lawyers: How Lawyers Can Make Better Use of iOS9 on Their iPhone and iPad

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The iOS 9 is Apple’s 9th iOS mobile operating system release. The iOS 9 was announced on 8th June 2015 and released on 16th September 2015. The operating system comes with great enhancements and capabilities. The adoption rate has also been the fastest for a new OS. As of 30th November 2015, the iOS 9 had been installed on approximately 70% of all compatible Apples devices globally.

Although the iOS 9 has received praise across many professions, lawyers stand to enjoy the most benefits from using the OS. The operating system has plenty of incredible tools/features and capabilities for lawyers to utilise and make their work easier. Lawyers must however be aware of these new benefits and how to utilise them as well as compatible apps for them to get the most of the newest iOS. Below is a more detailed discussion on how lawyers can make better use of their iPads and iPhones running on the iOS 9.

iOS Tips for Lawyers

1. Get Microsoft office with the Microsoft Office 365 for the iPad and iPhone
You can now get Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel applications among many other great Microsoft office apps on your iPad and iPhone with the Microsoft Office 365 for the iPad and iPhone with iOS 9. Microsoft Office 365 has very intriguing options and benefits to lawyers ranging from office document creation to lightweight browser based editing, online collaboration and file storage that were previously accessible to large firms only with expensive IT infrastructure and support.

2. Multitask on your iPhone or iPad
The iOS 9 has also made it extremely easy to multitask. It’s extremely easy to work on your cases and presentations while chatting and performing many other tasks. The iOS 9 has superior multitasking features such as Split View, Slide Over and Picture in Picture features that give you many new ways to multitask on your Apple mobile devices. Features such as Quick Type make text selection and formatting extremely easy. The Slide Over feature allows you to open a 2nd app without leaving your current one. This feature makes it easy to respond to text messages, browse the web, take quick notes etc. before getting back to your earlier task. The iOS 9 takes multitasking on another level making your work as a lawyer easier.

3. Take advantage of the superior mapping features
It’s also easier to get around using the iOS 9 maps. Lawyers need to move around constantly to meet clients, witnesses, fellow lawyers etc. The iOS 9 makes it extremely easy to move around (even using public transportation) with your iPad or iPhone in hand. The iOS features a brand new transit view in numerous cities around the world showing subway, train, bus and ferry stations right on your map. The mapping feature, lays out every single step of your trip when you plan routes. The nearby feature helps you decide where you’ll eat, shop etc.

4. Transcribe using Dragon Dictation app
Transcription is a huge part of every lawyers work. Lawyers need to transcribe court proceedings, witness statements, legal arguments etc. Dragon Dictation is the perfect iOS app for this job. This cloud-based app transcribes with unmatched accuracy. You don’t need to train the app or worry about accessing your transcriptions from anywhere. All you need is to tap and dictate. If a word is transcribed wrongly, you simply need to double tap on that word to edit.


From the above information, its clear that the new iOS 9 undoubtedly offers many benefits that lawyers can utilise to get the best out their iPads and iPhones. The above information summarises some of the main ways lawyers stand to make better use of the OS on their Apple mobile devices. The iOS 9 has better mapping, transcription, multitasking and office features/capabilities than any mobile OS out there offering unique benefits to lawyers with iPads and iPhones.

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