Legal Cloud Technology

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Legal Cloud Technology (LCT) is fast becoming a staple in the legal industry. Whether you’ve already taken advantage of the cloud or are still considering the benefits, LCT can provide you with cost-effective and real-time IT solutions.

Whilst some law firms still shy away from the cloud because they feel secure with an inhouse IT team, others are making the most of the cost savings and convenience it provides.  With LCT you have moment by moment online backup of your data, encryption increasing security and the confidence of disaster recovery.Increase productivity, client liaison and staff collaboration, as well as more flexibility in terms of storage capability.

So, whether your firm is first starting out or if it has been in the industry for years, LCT can keep you up-to-date with the latest technology, and grow with you and your firm over the years to come.


About the Author: James Vickery is the founder and CEO of I Know IT, a transformative IT services provider. James connects law leaders to their strategy through technology with a firm belief that lawyers must re-enter their profession as innovators, thinking and acting as technology companies do in order to survive, compete and prosper in a digital economy.

James enables this new way of thinking and executing through consulting, coaching and delivery of technology solutions to Australian and international organisations. .

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