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“Choose the best”. This is something that we hear time and time again. Whether it is a product or a service that you are looking for, you have to make sure that you find and choose the best. However, how do you know which is which?

Law firms are differentiated by three factors: the lawyers, the specialization and the reputation. And, the most important of all three is neither the lawyers nor the specialization. It is the reputation. If a law firm’s reputation is somewhat spotty, it would be hard to trust that the law firm can meet your needs. To be able to know what the leading law firms in Australia are, why not check out ‘Top 50 Law Firms’?

Top 50 Law Firms is a website dedicated towards the identification and recognition of law firms in Australia that strive to offer high standards of legal expertise and customer service. The website’s primary goal is to recognize the leading law firms that offer top-quality services to ensure their future growth and success. Here, anyone can vote or nominate Australian law firms based on their reputation and service.

What would you do if you could nominate certain law firms across Australia? Would you help out those who are in need of a recommendation? Would you help identify the best and most reputable law firms in the country? If your answer is a ‘yes’, there is good news for you because is now accepting nominations for Australia’s Top 50 Law Firms for 2013!

When searching for a law firm, you would most likely ask friends, family or colleagues for recommendations. This is natural, given the importance and reliability of ‘word of mouth’. When a friend says that they haven’t had a good experience with this certain firm, there is almost zero possibility of you turning to them for help. Yet when a colleague says that they “totally recommend” this certain firm, you will be sure to check them out. This is because other people’s experiences with a certain firm can help you gauge the credibility and reputation of a law firm.

So, if you would like to help others determine which law firm is worthy and help commend law firms for a job well done, start voting for your Top 50 law firms across Australia now! Visit for more details.



About the Author: James Vickery is the founder and CEO of I Know IT, a transformative IT services provider. James connects law leaders to their strategy through technology with a firm belief that lawyers must re-enter their profession as innovators, thinking and acting as technology companies do in order to survive, compete and prosper in a digital economy.

James enables this new way of thinking and executing through consulting, coaching and delivery of technology solutions to Australian and international organisations. .

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